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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy to be Home Again

The month of July flew past and the highlight was, of course, my retreat on the ocean in California. I am going to share what I did during this retreat as it is such an easy way to pray that you may want to try it. My retreat director suggested that I sit with Jesus and ask him to show me a photo album and point out pictures in my life that He hoped we could talk about and see how each picture was still influencing my life. I found that I was overwhelmed by gratitude when I realized how much love surrounded me from the earliest pictures that Jesus seemed to show me. As I have had a long life, we were still looking at pictures of my twenty years in Chile when the retreat ended. I forgot to say that I also found Psalm 100 that seemed to express what I was feeling in the retreat and became part of the background of my retreat. Of course, I also spent time in just contemplating the immensity and depth of God's love while looking at the beautiful Pacific ocean. I need to make a resolution to go look at the Atlantic, too, since I do live in Miami!
It is good to be back and I will try to add a reflection at least several times a week. I will be away again this week end and without computer access, but be patient as I do have much to share as soon as my life falls into a regular pattern again. In the meantime, here is a thought to ponder: What picture does Jesus want me to look at now and why? What do I say to Jesus and how do I feel?
Happy Feast of St. Ignatius as I am writing this on the 31st and thinking of all the Jesuits who have been part of my life. Three Jesuit cousins - another reason to be grateful! I am almost finished reading "The First Jesuits" by John O'Malley and it gives the historical background that influenced the beginnings of the Society of Jesus.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Desire for Retreat

As July begins, I am thinking more about my retreat. I leave Tuesday, July 3 and only return on July 25 so I will be attending the Provincial Chapter, on vacation, and in retreat. The retreat is from July 16-23; I would love prayer for that special time. It is the most important week in the year and I find myself full of desire for that time alone with God.
Sometimes, it helps for me to take a book with me for prayer before the retreat. I am trying to decide now what I should take and am looking at "Praying with Julian of Norwich: Selections from 'A Revelation of Love' with Commentary by Ritamary Bradley. I love Julian, but have not read this commentary although I know I have had the book on my shelf for a long time. I usually find that the Holy Spirit will inspire me. The real director is always the Holy Spirit and I trust that I will follow the promptings of the Spirit.
While I am away, I am also taking a vacation from the computer and so will not be writing my blog during the month of July. It is good to take that kind of vacation as I teach online and have many hours in front of the computer during the year so I will just take off a month. I hope my readers will remember to look again as I do intend to take up my blog and share with you at least by the first week in August.