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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Desire for Retreat

As July begins, I am thinking more about my retreat. I leave Tuesday, July 3 and only return on July 25 so I will be attending the Provincial Chapter, on vacation, and in retreat. The retreat is from July 16-23; I would love prayer for that special time. It is the most important week in the year and I find myself full of desire for that time alone with God.
Sometimes, it helps for me to take a book with me for prayer before the retreat. I am trying to decide now what I should take and am looking at "Praying with Julian of Norwich: Selections from 'A Revelation of Love' with Commentary by Ritamary Bradley. I love Julian, but have not read this commentary although I know I have had the book on my shelf for a long time. I usually find that the Holy Spirit will inspire me. The real director is always the Holy Spirit and I trust that I will follow the promptings of the Spirit.
While I am away, I am also taking a vacation from the computer and so will not be writing my blog during the month of July. It is good to take that kind of vacation as I teach online and have many hours in front of the computer during the year so I will just take off a month. I hope my readers will remember to look again as I do intend to take up my blog and share with you at least by the first week in August.

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