At the Stuart Center we firmly believe that all members of the human family are called to be stewards of the earth. As stewards we are called by God to care for one another and all forms of life. Stewardship reminds us of our fundamental characteristic of relationship as God’s children: Relationship with God, the earth, other people and future generations. For us, environmental concerns, including climate change, are as much spiritual, ethical and moral concerns as they are social, political and economic ones. Greed, consumerism and a series of “smaller” reckless behaviors have disrupted the ecosystems of our planet which, in turn, have triggered a chain of events leading to dramatic disruption of people’s lives, particularly in rural and indigenous communities. The Stuart Center discerns its choices very closely to ensure that our operations reflect socially and environmentally responsible practices. This is particularly evident in the improvements made in our facilities over the last several years as well as through the operations of the Conference Center. Through education, advocacy and social action we seek to reflect on our own practices; encourage socially responsible actions in others; and work toward the healing and restoration of creation

The bold is mine to emphasize our need to discern our choices, but the important thing is for each of us to realize that we all have a real responsibility to care for our common home.