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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sharing about the development of my own prayer

Before I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart, I love to make visits in the back of the Chapel - first at the Academy of the Visitation, then at the Academy of the Sacred Heart during high school, and then at the old Maryville Chapel during my two years of college. I had the desire to make up to Jesus for all those who did not even think of Him or thank Him.

Then I entered for the Feast of the Sacred Heart in June, 1950.
The entire Society of the Sacred Heart was preparing for the 150 year celebration of our founding. A letter written by our Mother General, Reverend Mother de Lescure, on November 16, 1949, had asked all to spend time with St. Madeleine Sophie to help us prepare for the celebration of the 150 years on November 21, 1950.
This letter had a great impact on my prayer life and it still has, almost 70 years later. I will share more tomorrow, but it tells us that the name of our Society gives us the right to enter and dwell in the Heart of Jesus.

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