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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Remebering a first encounter...

When I went to Rome for the five contemplative months before final profession, Reverend Mother Benziger, was an Assistant General. I had not known her before, but went to give her a hug from her sister, Mother Lulu Benziger. She hugged me back and said that her sister had been sending her a hug with the probanists for years and I was the first probanist to give it to her. (Since the preparation for final profession was called "Probation", we were called probanists.)
I had no sooner given her a hug and been hugged in return, when Reverend Mother Benziger asked, "Sister, how do you pray?" I was surprised by this direct question and said. "In the Heart of Jesus" and she said, "Sister, I understand." And I knew that she did and we just became great friend and she followed me for years with her little notes so full of practical advice but also so affirming when I was sent to Chile without knowing a word of Spanish.

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