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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

End of vacation

Today we have the last summer social of the season and are honoring all those still in their 70's - not so many, but it is their turn and then our summer is really over. The students are back this week and it is so good to see them walking to and from the different buildings on campus. The seniors wear red tee shirts that say "Senior" and are helping to orientate the new students. We have a gorgeous new building with three floors mostly dedicated to fine arts but I believe the math classes are there, too, and there is a large computer room, dark rooms, orchestra room with special sound-proof walls and acoustics, several meeting rooms and offices for counselors, and then a section for building mechanical things. It is all so beautiful and the landscaping around it and the center walk that goes through the center of the campus and many trees are also new and add to the beauty of this campus.

My brother and sister-in-law left yesterday so I am missing them but have a stack of reading material to catch up with and notes to write, etc. We meet our Seniors and their parents at a Mass and reception here next Sunday. At present, we are using the back door as the front of Oakwood is being redone: new front door, circular drive, I think, and three new rooms off to one side. We are going to be quite torn up until October, I think, as they are also going to make the three bathrooms near the front door into ones that fit the requirements for wheel chairs so I think our corridor at that point will be much narrower. I am sure we will be happy when all is done. 

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