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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Feast of the Asumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Solemnity

Today is not only a feast of Our Lady, but it is a Holy Day of Obligation. The Church wants us to go to Mass and honor Our Lady. We believe that it was fitting that God assumed Mary into heaven, body and soul. Mary is Queen of Angels and is always interceding for us. 
I love the prayer over the Offerings and will copy it here for you:
"May this oblation, our tribute of homage, rise up to you, O Lord, and, through the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, whom you assumed into heaven, may our hearts , aflame with the fire of love, constantly long for You."

I am going to Santa Cruz with my brother and sister-in-law today for lunch on the beach. It is a beautiful drive through the mountains and then the ocean which always speaks to me of God. 

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