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Monday, August 12, 2019

We are called to people the solitude of His Heart

The idea that the Heart of Jesus is longing for our love is one that still is with me. Jesus is both human and divine and thus is moved by different emotions just as we are. He longed to stay with us and gave us Himself in the Eucharist. He is truly present and waits for us to receive Him and wants us to take His love and give it to all we meet. Then the level of love in this world of ours rises.

The words, "Alone, detached, and offered" helped me, I think, to enter the Heart of Jesus in prayer. When I finally discovered a more contemplative prayer, it was an image that seemed to help me to enter into His Heart in prayer. Even when I began Centering Prayer, this image helps and I have Father Thomas Keating's assurance that an image can replace the mantra. My image is first of all a quiet pool in the forest; I go down deep into the pool where there is a cleft in the rock at the deepest part. I enter the cleft and find myself in the Heart of Jesus which is full of light and love.

Going over my prayer history is proving helpful for I find so much to thank God for during these many years. Even the hardest times for prayer were times of grace when I review them now. 
I hope you will find the same grace if I encourage you to review your life, especially your relationship with Jesus.

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