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Friday, August 23, 2019


Today I am thinking about the importance of just being still. We are so prone to motion; sometimes we are sitting still but our minds are racing from one thing to another. To enter into contemplation we need to take time to relax. There are many simple exercises that we can do before beginning prayer. I was taught in a School of Prayer in Chile to begin by relaxing all the muscles behind my forehead, then relax the muscles in your face, your cheeks, your neck and then your shoulders, your upper back, your chest and stomach muscles as you feel yourself breathing more deeply...then the muscles in your upper arms, your arms, your wrists, your hands and your fingers until all are relaxed. Then return to your back or even your neck and shoulders if need until you can say, "Now the whole trunk of my body is relaxed." Then you relax the muscles in your thighs, your legs, your ankles, your feet and your toes until you feel relaxed and can say, "Now my whole body is relaxed, my whole being is at peace."
Try this and see how it helps you to be still and then just sit with God. It is such an amazing grace that Jesus wants to sit with us as friends sit together. 

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