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Saturday, August 10, 2019

"Alone, detached and offered"

To continue sharing the influence of this November 1949 letter of Reverend Mother de Lescure on my prayer life, I need to tell you that the idea of the solitude of His Heart has never left me.

Mother de Lescure said that Saint Madeleine Sophie founded the Society to people this solitude with souls who would know how to heed the "ardor of His heartbeats and who would not leave Him alone in the depths of His Life." She spoke of the willingness of the Heart of Jesus to reveal His solitude to us provided that we are ready to descent there alone, detached and offered....
This was to be the prayer of the Society and we were to ask our Mother Foundress to teach us to prepare this descent each morning. How? "A deed, a word, a gesture, a movement, an attitude of Jesus in the Gospel,...all may lead us into the solitude of His Heart,..."
And then, "May she also teach us that we do not leave this solitude when our prayer is over..."

That was the hard part -- to keep united to Jesus during the day.

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