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Sunday, August 11, 2019

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sundays are always special. I am happy to have this one as my friend, Patrick, left last Sunday and now my brother and sister-in law are arriving on Wednesday. Sunday is the Lord's day and we are always aware of that and happy to have a whole group of people who attend out Sunday liturgy. Then, we have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Sunday afternoon for an hour which I love. 
As I am scheduling this blog ahead, I am not looking ahead to find the readings for this Sunday. Instead, I think we just need to reflect on what makes Sunday so special for us. It is often a family day. I remember good times both at my grandmother's where all her six children would gather plus spouses, children, and friends for supper and games. Then, because of the 2nd world war and gas rationing plus the fact that I now had two baby brothers, we started having family dinners at home with my mother's side of the family. My Dad usually made us all a huge breakfast; his biscuits were the best, but he often did crepes, or pancakes plus wonderful egg and bacon dishes. Then we did not need lunch but had a roast in the oven for a four o'clock dinner with all the family sitting around the dining room table. When I entered, it was one of the memories that made me homesick so now I just am grateful that we had such good family gatherings.
I also remember Sundays at the lake with my Dad and often the entire family. We would go to early Mass and take a picnic and spend the day at the lake. I loved to swim and spent most of the time in the water while my little brothers played in the sand.  They would fall asleep on the way home and my mother would wake them up so they could be bathed before going to bed. As I was often the one to give the boys a bath, I wanted to just let them sleep but my mother believed in keeping them clean so I would even need to wash their hair which was not their favorite thing!
Again, not a very spiritual blog but good memories.

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