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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Feast of St. Augustine

I have always loved St. Augustine and talked my way into an advanced Latin class as a freshman just so I could read and study the "Confessions of St. Augustine." Later, much later, I found myself teaching in an Augustinian University and now I was teaching students about Augustine.

Today, I am going to begin sharing a bit of the document that calls us to be Artisans of Hope in our Blessed and Broken Word. It begins by telling us that the Society of the Sacred Heart gathered global leaders from the 41 countries where we serve - these leaders hold responsibility for the work of JPIC (Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation) for the region in which they serve, but each Religious of the Sacred Heart is called to work for JPIC wherever we may be living.
More tomorrow as the Statement is worth commenting on and/or reflecting on even if you are not a member of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We are all called to work for Justice, Peace, and to care for our common home!

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