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Monday, June 18, 2018

Prayerful reading of God's word

Pope Francis tells us in #155 that "if we realize that God exists, we cannot help but worship him, at times in quiet wonder, and praise him in festive song.

156." The prayerful reading of God's word, which is 'sweeter than honey' (Heb 4:12), enables us to pause and listen to the voice of the Master.....

#157 "Meeting Jesus in the Scriptures leads us to the Eucharist, where the written word attains its greatest efficacy, for there the living Word is truly present. In the Eucharist, the one true God receives the greatest worship the world can give him, for it is Christ himself who is offered. When we receive him in Holy Communion, we renew our covenant with him and allow him to carry out ever more fully his work of transforming our lives."

This is the end of the fourth Chapter, a long one developing different aspects to help us to holiness.

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