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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Waiting for the Lord or is it "The Lord waits for me?"

Some pictures lead us to contemplation. I am finding that just slowing down and letting some beautiful water scene fill my mind is enough to lead me into prayer. God has given us so much and there is so much to thank for, but my prayer is more of a silent adoration before the God of mystery. I think I always desire my morning prayer and enter into this time with the Lord with joy; I am not so sure I end feeling that I did my best to stay with the Lord during the hour, but I do know that He is always with me and my day is different because I have this hour with Him, even when it is a hodge-podge of silence, reading, reflection, more silence, etc. I also look forward to afternoon prayer to just be with the Lord without thoughts or any words at all, but I find that this time gets moved around too easily. I need to make a schedule and try to keep it as it is important to have the visit with Jesus at the same time each day, when possible. I remember the fox in the Little Prince who told him he should return each day at the same time so "one prepares the heart" - or something like that as I have given away my copy of the Little Prince and so forget exactly how it was said but it is important to have the afternoon encounter fixed the same way I fix all important meetings. I do not want to keep the Lord waiting!

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