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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How do you pray?

Last night we were speaking about the influence of Saint Ignatius on our prayer. This is a picture of Ignatius at prayer. His feast is the last day of this month and I suspect most Religious of the Sacred Heart have been formed so deeply in Ignatian spirituality that we have a habit of using Ignatian contemplation and his way of discerning. However, I firmly believe that each of us has her or his own unique way of praying and that there are many ways to even define prayer. What I have invited all of you to do in this blog before and, since I still feel the need to do this, is to reflect on how I pray and how my prayer varies. Usually with those I have given spiritual direction over a period of several years I can see how their prayer life develops, becomes more real and finds a focus. I am sure each of us has a vocation within a vocation and this influences our prayer. Since prayer is so personal, it is not easy to share or perhaps even know how to express this intimate relationship. Still, I think it good to look again and talk to Jesus about our prayer life as we begin this month where many of us have time for vacation.

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