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Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Song of the Swan" by Reverend Mother Stuart

One of my favorite songs is from the play written by Reverend Mother Stuart, 'The Ugly Duckling" which has this beautiful Song of the Swan, better know by its first line: "Spirit seeking light and beauty". As I often pray with these words, I am copying them for you here. I know I would like them sung at my funeral...I had them for my golden jubilee:

Spirit seeking light and beauty,
Heart that longest for thy rest,
Soul that askest understanding,
Only thus can ye be blest.

All the joy and all the fairness
Fade away from earth's delight
By the steadfast contemplation
Of the glory out of sight.

Through the vastness of creation
Though your restless thought my roam,
God is all that you can long for,
God is all His creature's home.

Taste and see Him, feel and hear Him,
Hope and clasp His unseen hand;
Though the darkness seem to hide Him,
Faith and love can understand.

God, Who lovest all Thy creatures,
All our hearts are known to Thee,
Lead us through the land of shadows
To Thy blest eternity!

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