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Friday, August 22, 2014

California is so beautiful!

It seems ages since I have written a blog, but now I am home to share with you the many graces of the entire trip. Just being on the ocean is so helpful for contemplation. I love to hear the surf and watch the surfers, too. The ocean always speaks to me of the immensity of  God's love for us. Then there are the sailboats that parade on Wednesday evenings all around Monteray Bay -all the boats docked in Santa Cruz are out sailing. And sometimes the dolphins are out there joyfully playing tag with each other!
I feel so spoiled by God and by all the RSCJs I met and stayed with and I have felt the prayer of everyone. Later I shall share some of the graces of my retreat.
Today we are having a "Sending Blessing" and dinner for our new candidate who will be living in St. Louis next year. Please pray for her. I remember only too well how hard the last days were before I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart but that was over 64 years ago and I have been so happy! I was just with a couple of young ones at our new house in Berkeley and enjoyed their continuous laughter! One is from Peru and on her way to Probation in Rome; the other is going to Korea to be with our Religious there and teach English!

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