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Friday, August 29, 2014

God always waits for us...

I finally found my pictures again! They were in a folder under System Folder - live and learn!
Today I want to share with you a book that I received just before my trip so I have just begun to read it. It is "The Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church" by Pope Francis.It was published by Loyola Press, 2014 and is a collection of papers, addresses, homilies, and prayers by Francis since he has been Pope. They are divided into ten sections. Here are a few excerpts from the first which was the homily for the Mass for the Possesion of the Chair of the Bishop of Rome, April 7, 2013.

"What a beautiful truth of faith this is for our lives: the mercy of God! God's love for us is so great, so deep, it is an unfailing love, one that always takes us by the hand and supports us, lifts us up, and leads us on."

When speaking of the two disciples of Emmaus, Pope Francis says the "Jesus does not abandon them: he walks beside them, and not only that! Patiently he explains the Scriptures, which spoke of him, and he stays to share a meal with them. This is God's way of doing things....God always waits for us, even when we have left him behind! He is never far from us, and if we return to him, he is ready to embrace us."

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