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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving preparation

Turn on the TV this week and you will find directions for buying a turkey, stuffing a turkey, cooking a turkey, carving a turkey, etc. Thanksgiving is so much moe than the turkey dinner. We need to make some spiritual preparations, too. What am I most grateful for? I guess I would say "for the gift of life"! And for family and friends. Today is my brother's birthday; I was twelve when he was born on Thanksgiving night. I was old enough to take care of him and he was really a beautiful baby.

I am reading a book sent to me by a dear friend. It is Philip Newell's llatest:"The Rebirthing of God"
He quotes Julian of Norwich as saying that we are made of God, not just made by God. Then Newell says that the wisdom of God is deep within us. The creativity of God is within us and the love longings of God are at the heart of our being "Deep within us are holy, natural longings for oneness, primal sacred drives for Union." That should give us something to reflect upon. We have so much to thank for!

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