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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I was remembering one Thanksgiving when I had been in Chile for several years and my Dad was concerned that I never had turkey. He sent a generous check, the superior gave it to the treasurer who went all the way to Valparaiso to procure turkey for the community. She told me that she had bought two turkeys and I should bring them in as they were still in our van. I found two live turkeys and did not know what I was to do with them. We had to kill them, then hang them up to drain them, then pluck them, and finally had them ready to cook. I planned to make the dressing and stuff them on Thursday morning, but the Sister in the kitchen assured me she had stuffed both and had them in the oven. They cooked beautifully, tasted wonderful, but the "stuffing"  turned out to be an apple and a pear in each. Still, it was a great Thanksgiving and I went swimming in a really rough Pacific Ocean and loved it!
To share something more spiritual, here is a quote from St. Madeleine Sophie:
"Your will is set on corresponding to Christ's love and not refusing anything. That is all the divine Heart asks of us. He does not ask that we become perfect all at once, but that we work towards this each day, in the measure that grace operates in us and the radiance of the Holy Spirit enlightens us."

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