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Monday, October 27, 2008

"Be imitators of in love..."

Paul tells the Ephesians: "Be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another as God has forgiven you in Christ. Be imitators of God...and live in love..." I was struck by the phrase "Be imitators of God" and see it as a call to really live in love as God is love.

Reflections on my trip continued:
The castle of Edinburgh can be seen from Christine's flat! It was hard to leave.
What hospitality! I am still amazed at the goodness and kindness of each! Christine came to the airport and went in with me to make sure I would be checked in for my flight to London; Frances in London did the same for me when I was returning to the States. In Chile, it is the same and friends insist on going with you to the airport and coming in to see you off. Here in Miami we only drop people at the airport; perhaps I will park and wait with our next departing international guest. I was very happy to discover Monica and Frances waiting for me at Heathrow in Terminal 5 which is at the end of nowhere but British Airways from Edinburgh lands there. Sunday dinner was waiting for us when we returned to the community. In England, they warm the plates and I remember that we did that at home when I was an child. I unpacked and packed a small bag as I left by train on Monday morning to visit Veronica, a friend who lives in the north of England now. She was waiting for me in Preston but the train was quite late and had stopped at every village on the way up and also had to wait as the signals were not working. Veronica took me to her lovely little duplex in Freckleton, gave me lunch, and then drove me along the coast as it was a gorgeous, sunny day. We returned for dinner and then drove off to see the lights of Blackpool. These are famous but defy description; they are strung over and along six miles of road and the colors are constantly changing and some form pictures. Each year is different but thousands of tourists come in October to see these lights.

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