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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back in Miami full of gratitude

Last night I arrived home around 10:30 at night and found a huge stack of mail in my room and many, many e-mails. I just am taking it easy and trying to keep the wonderful feeling of tranquility that surrounded my retreat. I felt the prayer and I must tell you that each day was a grace. I had the director of my first choice; one that I had many years ago and loved. She has a gift for giving feedback and is also so loving and caring that I always find God speaking to me through her. I also had a lovely room with a view of the ocean. There was a full moon so that added to the beauty of each night and we never had a foggy morning; that is unusual. It was also warmer than usual so the jackets I took from Miami were not worn at all!
It is too late to try to tell you more, but I do want to thank for all the prayer as my trip was really a joy and the retreat wonderful, but so was connecting with friends. Now, I am just glad to be home for a few days before we have the Higher Education meeting and Provincial assembly in Chicago.

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