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Monday, July 20, 2009

Time, time zones, and the gift of twenty-four hours a day!

This picture is from the Sea of Tiberias and I spent much time in the retreat on both the time Jesus came to his disciples walking on the water and when, after Easter, he appeared on the shore and had prepared breakfast for his disciples. Being on the shore of the Pacific helped for a composition of place for both prayers.

I have often felt that Jesus sends me out into the sea and he must know that a storm is coming; it is a lesson repeated often to increase my trust. I wrote this little "jingle" one night during the retreat:
A storm descended late that night at sea.
The wind was fierce and waves rocked the boat.
Jesus saw their struggle with the sea;
they rowed and bailed and tried to stay afloat.
Then he came walking on the water,
but he made as though to pass them by.
Terrified, they saw a ghost appear!
At once Jesus tells them not to fear.

I suspect that all of us have heard Jesus saying to each of us: "Courage! It is I! Fear not!"

Sometimes Jesus asks me to get out of the boat and walk to him on the water. I am a bit like Peter and do have the courage to try but then cry out to the Lord to save me. He immediately takes me by the hand and all becomes peaceful. He also chides me for my lack of trust. Then, I like to combine that with the scene where Jesus invites me to breakfast. He has prepared the fire and has the fish grilling and has brought bread, too. He serves me and then we just talk.

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