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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Letters from Maryland on Ignatian Spirituality

As I leave tomorrow, I am just adding a few thoughts here. Ignatius gave us a way of life and no matter in what stage of the spiritual journey we are finding ourselves at this moment, Ignatian spirituality helps us to deepen our relationship with Jesus and with each person in the Trinity. He has the wonderful suggestion that when we really are wanting something we ask Mary to go with us to Jesus and ask her to ask for us and then we go with Mary and Jesus to the Father. I have found this way of prayer helpful at many different stages of my own life and the lives of others I have directed.
I also find the way Ignatius would have us look over our day after praying to the Holy Spirit to see it as God sees it an important exercise. We then reflect back to see how God was acting in our lives and give thanks for all the times we recognized His action. He often speaks to us through other people, through events, and through circumstances. I often am not conscious of his action in my life at the time but can look back and thank or even ask pardon for my inattentiveness during the day and resolve to do better the next day. This form of Examen is very much a part of Ignatian spirituality and can change our lives.

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