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Friday, November 11, 2011

Live and Learn

I wish everyone a joy filled day! If you are looking for a job, here is a website you might want to look at: I am not looking for a job, but I am glad to pass on this information to anyone who is. I spent some time today with the Gospel for next Sunday. It is the parable that Jesus told of the Master who gave his three servants different amounts of "talents" or money before he left for a long journey. You will remember that the one who received five talents doubled the amount; the one who had received two talents also doubled the amount he had. To both of them the Master said on his return: "Well done, good and faithful servant. Because you have been faithful in small things greater responsibilities will be given to you. Enter into your Master's joy." (I am trying to quote from memory so may not be exact.)
I keep thinking about what it means to enter into the Master's joy.
I also think of the third servant who received only one talent and went and buried it. He must have been fearful and maybe lazy and did nothing with his talent and the Master was not pleased and banished him. I guess this can point to our own holding back sometimes and being afraid to use the gifts God has given us. We sin by omission and this is easy to do as sometimes we just do not even want to make the effort to use what has been given to us. Spreading joy would be one gift I would love to use today!

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