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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week end at home!

Do you ever feel that you might not catch up with all that you think you need to do? We have an RSCJ visiting this week end and I gave her the keys to my 12-year old Toyota and so I am staying at home. I will go to Mass this evening with one of my community but I am really cleaning up my desk, answering letters, deleting e-mails, and many necessary tasks that must be done before I am swamped. However, even as I wrote the first sentence for this blog, I realized that nothing drastic will happen if all that I "think" I need to do does not get done! So I am also relaxing and watching part of the Nebraska game with Penn State with one of my community. The game began with prayer for the victims of abuse - what a terrible thing to do to young boys and how many have been abused by persons one would trust. It makes the scandal of the abuse by priests such a terrible thing and it will not go away. I think we need to pray much for all the victims as I suspect there are some who will never come forward; I suspect there are women, too, who were abused by priests, teachers, and others in authority and who were and are afraid to accuse their abusers.

I did not sit down to write this kind of a reflection but maybe I need to let it go as it is weighing heavily on me today.

On a lighter note, I have so much to be grateful for and I am trying to be very conscious of the fact that every moment is a gift and I have this desire to thank and praise God that I am alive and able to do so many things. Let us thank God together for the good things of each day and be aware that He is gifting us constantly with life and love!

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