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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day of Retreat

Exactly 54 years ago today I made my final profession in Rome and was sent directly from Rome to Chile. I still marvel at the way the Holy Spirit works. I arrived on Valentine's Day without knowing any Spanish, but I did have what I thought would be the best phrase to learn written out by one of the Spanish Sisters for me - it was how to ask for my superior's blessing!

I am making a day of retreat at St. Thomas University given by Lawrence Freeman - I am delighted to be able to be there for this anniversary which I always celebrate. Actually, I entered 64 years ago this June but final profession after a year in Rome was such a grace, especially as I had almost six months at the Trinita before the months at the Mother House.

The Pope has come out with a new message to prepare us for Lent. In it he talks about how Christ became poor to enrich us; he also speaks of the poverty that is really destitution: material, moral, and spiritual destitution are the three he explains. I will need to reread this message and pray over it. I am sorry I do not have it in front of me now. I will no doubt share it with all of you as it is something we should read and not too long.

What a wonderful life I have had and how grateful I am!!

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