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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The very heart of the Gospel

 I am going to visit family in Arizona - five days with my sister and her family, and then five with my brother and his wife. I arrive Friday night to celebrate my sister's birthday. I will not be writing my blog until Shrove Tuesday, March 4, to help us get ready for Lent! That week is Spring Break at the University so no big Ash Wednesday celebration there. My faithful readers can all have a break before Lent! It is just too difficult to write when I am away but I will be back before Ash Wednesday!
However, I have added a couple of blogs and may send pictures from my I-pad next week.
From the Pope's The Joy of the Gospel"- remember that the bold is my emphasis - what I want to reflect on today. We have reached the fourth chapter!


  1. To evangelize is to make the kingdom of God present in our world. Yet "any partial or fragmentary definition which attempts to render the reality of evangelization in all its richness, complexity and dynamism does so only at the risk of impoverishing it and even of distorting it". I would now like to share my concerns about the social dimension of evangelization, precisely because if this dimension is not properly brought out, there is a constant risk of distorting the authentic and integral meaning of the mission of evangelization.
    The kerygma has a clear social content: at the very heart of the Gospel is life in community and engagement with others. The content of the first proclamation has an immediate moral implication centered on charity.
Please do not forget that you could be using for a short prayer each day - it really is reflective and has great pictures. I will add it to my prayer resources on the right side of this blog.


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