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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Prayer for our World

Do you make Sunday special? Maybe it is just a late sleep or a big breakfast, or maybe you and I are really conscious that this is God's Day and a real gift to us. We are to slow down and try to focus on what really matters. Since I am convinced that we have a real responsibility to pray for our world, Sunday is a good day to reflect what I am doing to make it a better place. Am I furthering the Reign of God in this world of ours by what I do and do not do? Really, what I think and do are important and do make a difference.

We are the salt of the earth, the light of the world... Here is a bit from a commentary for this Sunday:
Gospel: Matthew 5:13-16

The band of disciples, the nucleus of the future Church, is described under three metaphors: salt, a city on a hill, and a light in the world. The passage concludes with the well-known exhortation especially familiar to Anglicans as the first of Cranmer’s invariable offertory sentences and so constantly heard Sunday by Sunday for three centuries: “Let your light shine before men.”

The Sermon on the Mount does not say that the disciples are to become the salt, that they are to become like a city on a hill or make themselves a light amid the darkness of the world. They are all those things, and that because Jesus has called them and they have responded. Rather, they are expected to manifest what they are: “Let your light so shine before men.”

How is this done? By good works. Reginald H. Fuller

 (You can read more by going to the Concord Pastor's Blog, clicking on the Bible and choosing Fuller's commentary.)

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