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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Always see the dignity of every human being

I am continuing with the Pope"s Exhortation but trying now to only give some of his thoughts for reflection. I will give the number so you can look up the entire paragraph later.

98. "If I encounter a person sleeping outdoors on a cold night, I can view him or her as an annoyance, an idler, an obstacle in my path, a troubling sight, a problem for the politicians to sort out, or even a piece of refuse cluttering a public space. Or I can respond with faith and charity, and see in this person a human being with a dignity identical to my own, a creature infinitely loved by the Father, an image of God, a brother or sister redeemed by Jesus Christ. That is what it is to be a Christian!
Can holiness somehow be understood apart from this lively recognition of the dignity of each human being?"

I hope we can always respond with faith and charity. The underlining is mine!

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