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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Retreat Day with my Spirituality Group

Today I am taking my Spirituality Group to Villa Maria del Mar for a mini retreat. The group consists of about eight or ten wonderful women that are hungry for prayer and come once a month to meet with me. Some I have had in the Busy Persons' Retreat. This will be, I think, our last meeting of the year and is an extra day. These are busy Mothers so it is hard for them to take off even one day. I just want them to know about my favorite place where they could go sometimes just to enjoy the beauty and pray by the ocean. It is only an hour from here and a beautiful drive through the Santa Cruz mountains.
More from the Exhortation on Holiness tomorrow. I do want to share a prayer we use in preparation for Pentecost:
Breathe on us, Spirit of Wisdom,
so that we may be Your Divine life alive in the world.
Grow in us, Spirit of Understanding,
so that we may listen and know how to speak your word.
Move within our community, Spirit of Counsel,
so that everyone of our encounters may be filled with Your Presence.
Inspire us, Spirit of Fortitude,
so that we may always have courage and speak the truth in love.
Fill us with insight, Spirit of Knowledge,
so that we may put on the mind of Christ and see God in all creation.
Abide with us, Spirit of Reverence,
so that we may be transformed into Your image and become holy.
Draw us into Yourself, Spirit of Wonder and Beauty,
so that we may worship and glorify You.
In union with Jesus who has given us this Spirit, 
we return to You, Loving God, all that You have given us. Amen.

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