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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Home again

I arrived home yesterday and have been hurrying to catch up after the wonderful days away. We had perfect weather and arrived on Sunday afternoon to unload and put away the food we had brought with us and then there was an incredible sunset. I am sorry I did not take a picture of it. The sky was streaked with red and purple but it was just gorgeous and lasted a long time. 
It was a real vacation for me and time for more prayer and reflection as well as some light reading. We prayed together for an hour each evening before dinner, but kept silence much of the day for personal prayer. I could eat breakfast late and lunch when I wanted. I love Oakwood, but a few days without a schedule makes for a real vacation. I sat outside and just contemplated the ocean.
Now I am reading and answering mail and hope to get my vote into the mail tomorrow, if I am not too tired tonight. Our wonderful congresswoman came last Sunday to help us go over our sample ballots and so I feel prepared to vote after listening to pros and cons. 
Our Mardi Gras decorations are up and we will have a party on Tuesday. It seems Lent is almost here and I have been giving it quite a bit of thought. I know I need to slow down but maybe plan one act of kindness each day. I am not volunteering for anything!

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