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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mardi Gras

We are having games and a special party in the afternoon for all. I do not think we will be having pancakes, but they are on our menu for Friday's breakfast. Dinner is special as it is a birthday and the birthday person gets to choose the menu for dinner. 

Since I am trying to make as well as direct the 34 week retreat in daily life, I am really trying to stay with Jesus as He goes around teaching and just showing us His values, His choices, etc. 

I hope each of us now has prayed to see what Jesus may be asking us to do, or not to do, this Lent. It is good to write it down so we can review what we promise each week. I always review the week in my Journal every Sunday. Speaking of Journals, I think I will begin a new one at least by the First Sunday of Lent. I have one ready to use and I am almost finished with my present Journal.
I do urge people to keep a journal - Maybe just a gratitude journal!

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