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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Fourth Sunday of Advent is here and with it our desire for the coming of Jesus increases. Having read some of the Pope's Encyclical on Hope released recently, I thought I would share parts of a reflection on The Gift of Hope by Joyce Rupp.

God of Hope, Come! Enter into my memory and remind me of the yearning of people of history. Stir up stories of how the ancestors hung on to your promises, how they stole home from tiny glimmers about you, passed on from age to age. Help me to hear the loud crying voices of the prophets who proclaimed that a new age would dawn.

God of Hope, Come! Enter into this heart of mine which often loses itself in self, missing the message of your encouragement because I am so entangled in the web of my own whirl of life. Enable me to not lose sight of the power of your presence or the truth of your consolation.

God of Hope, Come! Enter into every human heart that cries out for a glimpse of your love, for a sign of your welcoming presence, for a taste of your happiness. Be the one who calms the restless and gentles the human journey.

God of Hope, Come! Be the Morning Star in our midst, the Light that can never go out, the Beacon of Hope guiding our way to you. Come into our midst and make of our lives a home, where your everlasting goodness resonates with assuring love and vigorous hope.

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