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Friday, December 7, 2007

A Psalm of Reconciliation

The theme of the Advent retreat last Saturday was Reconciliation. I found this Psalm this morning when looking for something else and want to share it with you. The author is unknown.
Be reconciled to a world that is different, from the way you would have the world behave.
Be reconciled to a way of life that is different from the one you know.
Be reconciled to people and places whose cultic ways may seem bizarre.
Be reconciled to the one next door whose lifestyle shocks you and challenges you to refrain from condemnation.
Be reconciled to a loss of power as it passes to the other side.
Be reconciled to changing rites and changing prayers to a God you no longer recognize.
Be reconciled above all to yourself as opposing forces continue to clash in a climate of liberation.
God can help us reach down deep into wells of reconciliation.
When we are reconciled to life, someone will rearrange it.
Be reconciled to that and be at peace, because no one but God can change it.

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