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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

St. Monica thirsted for God for her son

I love the idea of thirsting for God as a deer longs for running water. One translation of Psalm 23 is that God leads us to quiet pools of fresh water. We all need water and we all need to drink from the fountains of living water which flow from the Heart of Jesus.
I am not sharing the retreat today except in a general way. I certainly was thirsty for God and the retreat increased my thirst. I am trying to write on my laptop without my mouse which is refusing to work; I am surrounded by images that make me want to stop and pray rather than write. I will say that today is the feast of St. Monica. She was such a courageous, faith-filled mother; now she is patroness of mothers. Without her, we would not have had St. Augustine!!
Happy Feast to all the Monicas!

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