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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thoughts from my retreat

Making a month's retreat is a special grace. My retreat was very peaceful and left me full of gratitude and joy. I loved using Cardinal Martini's "A Prophetic Voice in the City" and found his lectio divina on Jeremiah very helpful. The prophet Jeremiah is often compared to Jesus and so it was praying with both Jesus and Jeremiah and then applying to my own life some of the insights of Martini's meditations. There are some powerful symbols in Jerimiah such as the clay in the hands of the potter, the loincloth, symbol of the intimacy of the covenant relationship, the broken jug, etc. - I also went over my own vocation when Martini took the vocation of Jeremiah and asked the priests in Caracas to go over their own vocations. I found so many graces given to me in my life that I had to list some of them. The heart of the book of Jeremiah is found in Chapters 30-31 with the new covenant. In fact, Martini says that Jeremiah 31:31-34 is the most important passage in the entire Old Testament! I leave you to look it up! More tomorrow as we still have our new Superior General visiting with us in my community.

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