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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sophie's Journal - 7

On the first morning after her arrival in Poitiers, Mother Barat inspected the old monastery. The house belonged to Lydia who had acquired it after the Revolution with the intention of forming a religious community. Josephine has joined her, but they were only two and could not keep up a boarding school. They had thought of selling when they heard about another possibility, that of joining the little family of Sophie Barat which was a new association called at that time "Ladies of Christian Instruction" as it was not yet safe to call themselves the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Sophie came and realized that both Lydia and Josephine were well-formed in religious virtue and that "it only remained for them to take our spirit." She thought that "with the grace of God, they would quickly do so as they were very docile and submissive."

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