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Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Work, Full of Trust

It has been a truly wonderful vacation; I will be back at work today and planning the academic year. I still have many unfinished projects that I hope to get to before the end of August. It will help to realize that these months of vacation have been lovely and restful. Now it is time for work.
I am also thinking of my own dreams for the new academic year. The campus is lovely; the picture is one taken in front of the library. The new student center is getting the finishing touches and will be open for the students to enjoy. I am happy to be back but grateful for all the graces of this summer. Now, hopefully, we will not begin the year with a hurricane, but one is threatening to come our way by Friday. Trust in the Lord is a good way to begin this new academic year!
I had brunch with a cousin by marriage (not sure how we are related really but she claims me and is a delightful person!) She is now eighty years old and still swims 30 laps every morning!! She keeps up with friends from all over and has had a fascinating life. She lived on a beautiful ranch in Argentina for eleven years and made me start thinking about my own experiences in Chile for twenty years. I may be sharing some of these memories in my blog.


Unknown said...

Sister (40 years ago you would have been "Mother" to me):

Thank you for your blog - and your links - they are helping me along the way.

I am a 1967 graduate of M'ville - and thus a classmate of Barbara Bowe's - seeing her book on your list is prompting me to suggest it as a book for my scripture group - we've sort of left scripture (not that you really ever can leave scripture) and are reading religious/spiritual books. Our current selection is James Martin's "My Life with the Saints".

Bless you for your sharing.


Helen said...

Barbara Bowe's book will be an excellent choice for your group; we used it in our reflection group and all loved it; there are some good questions at the end of each chapter for reflection.
Thanks for the positive feedback, Trudy. I bought James Martin's book when it came out and gave it to my community for Christmas. I will soon have new books to share.
Love and prayer, Helen