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Friday, August 14, 2009

Computer Games

One of my community is addicted to playing Mah Jeong in the morning and so I am not able to get on the computer early to write my blog; I am managing usually by trying to schedule ahead, but forgot about today. Actually, it has been a strange week for me. I made a long "to do" list but seem not to have done anything on it. I have not been such a procrastinator for ages. I think I had this mindset that I am on vacation and will begin after August 15th to really work. However, most of my "to do" list is not concerned with the University but with my keeping up relationships. Maybe God wanted this to be a quiet week and I am grateful that it was. I did get to the University one day and that was good as I was able to get my parking sticker for the next year. Few professors were there on Wednesday, but I suspect that Monday will have all back and working.
I have managed to swim every day!
I also have been thinking about the really positive effect that our dreams can have on our lives. However, they must not just remain dreams. I read the other day that we begin to fulfill the dream by one simple action step at a time.

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