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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Transfiguration and Joy

Sometimes I see an image and need to keep looking at it as I know it has some inner meaning for me. Last night I made a taco salad without meat for dinner as it is quite hot in Miami; we are all tired from the trip home and trying to get caught up. I think I went to bed before 8:30 but then was awake at four this morning.

I have several new books that I will be sharing with you as all of them will give us a richness of spiritual reading for the rest of the year. I think we need to be very disciplined about making time for spiritual reading and I am afraid that I often do less than I would like so the books pile up. Fortunately, since I am still teaching Contemporary Spirituality, I do make time to keep up; one reads to nourish the soul.

These are just thoughts that come into my head as I sit here this morning with a long "to do" list. I want to do all with joy today. I think that when we act without joy, it helps no one. Sometimes I am doing things because I think I should do them; the Lord does not want that - I am happy to have the opportunity to help and want to serve with joy. By doing all with love I find joy and I am also so grateful that I can choose to be a joyful person. I think this is where I am today.

You may notice that my reflections are quite personal since I have returned. I am just writing whatever comes, but hope soon to be able to again prepare my reflections and hope that they continue to help others. The Feast of the Transfiguration is one of joy.

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