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Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Lent!

This picture shows our planet and those planets smaller than Earth. However, Earth is really small in comparison to what is out there in the universe. It makes me feel very small when I think of our planet in relation to the sun.
I am really taking a vacation until March 1 but needed to tell you that I am reading a great book and if you are looking for good spiritual reading, this is the best! The author is a Catholic priest, Father Jose Pagola, and the title is Jesus: An historical approximation. It was translated from the Spanish in 2009 and I have the third edition printed in 2012. It is worth reading and getting your libraries to stock it. It is easy to read but has wonderful footnotes at the bottom of most pages. I think it is over 400 pages and I have only read about a hundred but I am loving it so wanted to tell you about it today.
I also want to remind you to look at the daily reflections on St. Philippine Duchesne during the month of February that are found on the U.S. Society of the Sacred Heart website (link to that on the right side of this blog.) I will be back March 1 so please remember to come back to this blog then. Have a happy and holy Lent!

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