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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Am I an "expert in communion"?

The third expectation for this year of consecrated life is the call to be an expert in communion. That is really a call for everyone as Jesus told us to love one another "as I have loved you." Communion entails mutual acceptance and banishes all envy, jealousy, criticism, gossip, and pettiness.
One of the strongest statements of the Pope is that no one during this year of consecrated life "can feel excused from seriously examining his or her presence in the Church 's life and from responding to the new demands constantly being made on us, to the cry of the poor."
"Only by such concerns for the needs of the world, and by docility to the promptings of the Spirit, will this Year of Consecrated Life become an authentic Kairos, a time rich in God's grace, a time of transformation."
I think this requires serious reflection.
So often we think of the Church as the hierarchy, or maybe even the buildins where we receive the Sacraments and forget that we are the Church!

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