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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas is such a beautiful feast. I could not go to the community gathering at nine and ate Christmas dinner ( no turkey) in my room, but I did go to Mass at 11:00 and came away with a strong desire to trust the Lord's unconditional love for me. I guess I am beginning to love solitude but am tired of disposable cardboard trays, plates, cups, forks, etc. Anyway, the Mass was lovely and I will try to return to the Chapel when all are somewhere else. Maybe I can also go out and walk a bit as the sun is out today.  
I hope you are reading the Homilies of Pope Francis. He urges us to really care for others! Christmas is full of wonder but one of the greatest concerns the mystery of God becoming human. God with us!
Let us ponder this mystery!

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