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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

15 Ways to Keep Your Sanity

I received these partly because I am working at creating silence, but really I have kept all of them in mind, especially number nine and fifteen.
Sixteen Ways to Keep Your Sanity
1. Visit your local library.
2. Eat ice cream every day.
3. Use the internet sparingly.
4, Try silence.
5. Ignore the drumbeat of commerce.
6. Sing as often as you can.
7. Be independent in your soul.
8. Try silence.
9. Shadowbox with your own frailty--no one else's.
10. Consider miracles as abundant.
11. Let the nearest tree help you breathe.
12. Try silence.
13. Cultivate a fierce spirit.
14. Be respectful of trauma.
15. Consider courtesy as an alternative.
16. Try Silence.
(Christine Rodgers)

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