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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Of this and that

The weekend with my sister and brother-in-law was really a great time as my nephew and his wife were also with us both days. On Saturday, we went to an engagement party and it was lovely and almost cold as it was near the bay. It was a Greek party with Greek food, a band, a beautiful ceremony of the blessings of the ring by both a Greek Orthodox and a Roman Catholic priest.
On Sunday, we went to Rockaway beach and I have pictures but they are on my I-pad so this one taken last January will have to do. There is a famous café right on the water and we had a late lunch there. Many people were there as we are having a hot spell; these come usually only a very few times a year, but this week end was really hot for our part of California.
Now, I have taken a resolution to say grace before and after meals as my sister and brother-in-law always say grace before meals and I suspect most of our communities do. Because we get served at different times here, I think we do not have the sign of this visible prayer to ask God's blessing and give thanks for the food we eat. I am going to ask others to help me to remember and maybe we will soon have the custom back here.
My other resolution is to pray for those I see during the day.
I will try to be more spiritual tomorrow in this blog. I guess my best advice is live in the present moment and be grateful.

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