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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart

Tomorrow we will have Mass in the afternoon but will be connected to all the communities in the United States and Canada. We will also have our Associates and some "Children of Mary" who are able to be with us. We will renew our vows after the homily in the Mass that we will be following on the screen live from Villa Duchesne's chapel in St. Louis. After that, we will continue the Mass here with a priest who is a good friend of mine. After that we will have refreshments in the dining room and patio. As we have been having hot weather, we hope the patio near our dining room will be comfortable as we have a huge white oak there that keeps it shady.
Barb Dawson, our Mother General in Rome, will speak to us during the ceremony tomorrow but the entire Society of the Sacred Heart has received the letter she wrote for this feast. It is very beautiful and calls me to pray over it. One paragraph that I keep going back to is about the Gospel for the feast which has Jesus telling us to take His yoke upon us and learn from me that I am gentle and humble of Heart. Barb says that Jesus reminds us that we have many yokes that we carry and some are not of God. These we need to let go. We need to ask ourselves what we need to let go of in order to yoke ourselves to Jesus Christ and with each other. Barb also reminds us that it is in the depths of silence that we will hear the heartbeat of God.
That should give us all something to reflect on for this Feast of the Heart of Christ.
One of our sisters went to God this morning. I kept vigil with her yesterday and prayed that God would take her home. This is the fourth RSCJ in our Province to die since May 16 when Marg Miller went to God.

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