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Friday, June 23, 2017

Feast of the Sacred Heart

We so often think of the pierced Heart of Christ in the world today amid all the suffering. I do pray for our world with all the poor, the marginalized, the violence, the lack of justice, etc. but today's Feast makes me realize that Jesus Christ has risen; He has overcome death and His Heart is beating still with His love for everyone of us. He has told us not to be afraid. This is our day to celebrate with the Heart of Christ the very existence of the Society of the Sacred Heart. I am thrilled that we have invited Associates and Children of Mary to join us. We renew our vows out of devotion today; the Associates will be renewing their commitment and the Children of Mary renew their consecration. This is the first time we are doing this together on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. We are also beginning the 200 year celebration of St. Philippine and her four companions who brought the Society of the Sacred Heart to America in 1818.
Let us pray that we may learn from Jesus to be meek and humble of heart and give His love to all we have contact with in our daily lives.

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