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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"I say yes to everything that happens to me today...

Here is the prayer by David Richo: The Power of Grace

I say yes to everything that happens to me today
as an opportunity
to give and receive love without reserve.
I am thankful for the enduring capacity to love
that has come to me from the Sacred Heart of the universe.
May everything that happens to me today
open my heart more and more.
May all that I think, say, feel, and do
express loving kindness
toward myself, those close to me, and all beings.
May love be my life purpose, my bliss,
my destiny, my calling,
the richest grace I can receive or give.

I have just returned from almost an hour and a half of prayer with the Sacred Heart Prep; after the early prayer service, we processed in perfect silence to the plaza where we stood in circles around the mandala and again the names of each of the 17 who were shot at the high school in Florida were read aloud and the big tower bell tolled for each of them. Then, still in silence, we walked out the front gate and stood on both sides of the street for seventeen minutes in honor of the 17 who had lost there lives. The early prayer service was so solemn and each of the 17 had their picture shown on the big screen while one student came forward for each to place a lighted candle on the stage. The students had prepared the prayers and all was so solemn. I was really impressed by the silence. The middle school had their own prayer service, but the seventh and eighth grades came for the ceremony with the tolling of the bell in the plaza. It was impressive to see how many of the RSCJ from Oakwood took part on walkers and three with their electric carts. Some parents were there and the teachers also came.

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