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Friday, March 16, 2018

Scriptual Stations of the Cross

These Scriptual Stations of the Cross were promulgated by Pope John Paul II and I am using them in this blog to help us enter more fully into the Passion and Death of Our Lord this year. By beginning today, I hope to cover them by Holy Thursday with time out for St. Patrick's Day and Palm Sunday. Actually, the first two I have really covered in my own reflection on the Agony in the Garden and Jesus' arrest when betrayed by Judas. However, I shall add here the thoughts of John Paul II when he adds "Let us offer to the Father our difficulties;"Your will be done, not mine:
-in our aging when we are no longer consulted
-in the times we register ourselves as useless
-when we must ask more frequently for help
-in the scenario of ebbing energy
-in the standing aside for younger people
-in the acceptance of pain
-in the dependence when another girds us and leads us where we would not go"

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